What is Stillpoint?

By tapping into stillpoint and starting to experience it, it simply begins to dissolve all the different things that are going on. In today’s world, in life, we typically experience stress and hectic schedules. Everything can almost feel as though it’s speeding up. It is important find the space of stillpoint throughout the day‚Ķ

Everyone understands how to relax and come back to stillpoint at night when they go to sleep. Everyone on the planet likes to sleep at night. Because the body resets, it reboots just like a computer, and then it gets up and starts a fresh new day. In fact, experts say that the lymphatic system, the immune system, all the key systems in the body come online at night when the brain waves and the nervous system relaxes.

Yes, we can all find stillpoint. We naturally find it at night when the day is over. How can we begin to cultivate that state, that sense during the day so we can actually live in our waking state in that state of equipoise and ease.

Accessing Still Point is the gateway to starting to live your life in that fashion.
And the benefits are all over the place.