ProductFamilyWe have been researching and developing cutting-edge technologies for the past 11 years. To date, we have designed several unique healing scalar devices, developed a unique approach to unwinding with lasers, and conducted countless training seminars and retreats around the world. Everything we do is with one focus: to help people to access Stillpoint, not only for the purpose of healing in body and mind but also for each person to open up to the full range of expression of their essence and abundance.  Our unique approach centers around a principle of unwinding, unwinding contractions from the body, allowing the body to rest in the neutral essence of Stillpoint, a healing space some of you may have experienced in cranial sacral sessions.  In addition to healing and renewal, we have found that Stillpoint affects so many aspects of being and levels of consciousness. The more people rest in the space between breaths, tapping into the subtle essence of the universe, bodily pain diminishes and more than that their goals and priorities continue to shift and subtler quests begin to take on greater meaning.

“Now that I’ve healed this back pain, how do I access my heart’s true desires?”

“Now that I have so much more energy and vitality, how do I want to use it?”

“Now that I’ve let go of the anger I was holding on to about my divorce, how do I release any other residue of the past?”

“Now that I don’t feel anxious or depressed, how do I create a new vision for my future?”

Stillpoint is how you do it.   Resting in the space between our last thought and our next one, between our last action and our next one, between our past and our future, an auspicious opening occurs. Within this opening, more energy begins to flow, nourishing the physical body and activating the subtle body. Thoughts and emotions soften and disperse, inviting our natural condition of relaxation, ease, and harmony. The heart opens, increasing our ability to experience peace, passion, happiness, and joy.